We’re property investors too

Why choose us

At Enfield Property all of our property managers are either property developers or property investors. We know the feeling of being a landlord or an investor. Compared to other property management providers we have this background passion for our work and this translates to you, our clients. We understand your needs, because we have them too.

We work after hours
We work hard and our flexible for our clients. Our working hours extend beyond the typical 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Often the best tenants for your property are working during these hours. We go above and beyond and are more than happy to organise a property viewing after hours.

We’re multi-lingual
All of our property managers are multi-lingual – we speak English, Mandarin and Cantonese. This helps us facilitate easy communication between ourselves, our clients, and tenants, so there are no misunderstandings.

We’re problem solvers
We will promptly visit your property if a tenant reports a problem. If your property has a problem we can assess it and we will organise a reputable tradesman if necessary. We also will supervise the tradesman to ensure the job meets the requirements.

We’re transparent
We maintain strong relationships with all of our clients. We are always in close contact and provide feedbackto you, the property owner. We can provide you with our expert advice, but your decisions and general feelings are the most important.

We try to minimise the vacancy times of your rental property
To minimise vacancy time of your property, we will organise a viewing time for tenants within 24 hours of their initial contact. We know that each day that your property remains vacant is a loss for you, so we do our best to match your property with the best tenant.

We give your property an accurate rental value
We understand that the rental market is constantly changing. Rather than giving you a high end rental price on your property, we take into account the current market value of your property and incorporate this into the rental value. We do our best to help you maximise the profit on your property.