Finding your dream house is what we care about.

Our Services

Finding the right house for you

We know that finding the right house for you and your family isn’t an easy process. We can help you streamline this process with our online system where you can easily search, apply and make queries on a property which interests you. We can also notify you when there is a house available which may suit your requirements.


We carry out inspections at the beginning of a tenancy and at the end of a tenancy. During your tenancy period we inspect the property every 3 months, and give you adequate notice before we carry out the inspections.

Repairs and Maintenance

We’re on call 24/7 if you have an emergency. You can call us on (0800 363 4353 ) for any emergency enquiries.

If you need any maintenance completed or potential problems of a non-urgent manner you can call or email your property manager to schedule a viewing. We also have a qualified builder who can take care of any small maintenance jobs.

Rent Collection

Rent payments are monitored, and we will notify you immediately if any of your payments have been missed.


Your water bill is charged monthly. We contact Watercare to organise them to mail you a paper invoice, while we will receive an emailed invoice. If you feel like you are being overcharged or you have a discrepancy on your water bill, we can help you carry out a leak test. Any leaks identified we can arrange to be repaired.