Property Management Services

Some property owners have found a tenant, but feel that they don’t have enough time to manage their property, or don’t have the skills or experience to manage a property. Others are unsure about the current marketplace rents, changing legal procedures or are not confident to carry out inspections.

At Enfield, our qualified staff are property investors themselves, so they understand your role as a property investor. If you have various requirements regarding the management of your property, we offer various tailored services to make your job as a property investor easier. Our property management services include:

We provide all of the exposure your property requires, ensuring that your property is well placed on our Enfield Property website, as well as popular websites including TradeMe. During property viewings we can also add some furnishings and decoration to give your property a more homely feel.

Tenant Selection and Letting Service
Our online system ensures that potential tenants have the ability to search, apply and make queries on your property, 24/7. We then receive and process their applications ensuring that your property is re-let in the shortest time possible.

We also carry out a thorough screen on potential tenants, ensuring that character references, previous property references and income background are verified, as well as the required checks through TINZ.

Some of our clients prefer us to organise their letting service but they would like to manage their own property. That’s fine with us - our letting service is free, but we can also provide the following services below:

Carrying out Property Inspections
We inspect your property at the beginning of a lease and at the end of a lease. During your lease we inspect your property once every three months, and this inspection is of the property condition and current tenancy. At your request we can send out special video footage so you can view the condition of your property. We can also send out regular reports via email, and we’re contactable through both WeChat and WhatsApp for property owners who are living overseas.

Rent Collection
Rent collection is collected efficiently and promptly. We monitor the payments and any inconsistencies are consulted and revised. All of our clients have access to their own account on our online system so they can also monitor the payment status. Please see below for our policies on overdue rent.

Managing Vacancy Rates
At Enfield we ensure that our clients have little to worry about their property’s vacancy rate. Tenants can review, apply and make appointments online, so there is less waiting time on your property to be re-let. We also ensure that our tenancy periods are favourable for our clients. We set lease expiry dates during times of the year when there are more applicants to give our clients a greater opportunity of receiving a new tenant.

Bill Payments
We can organise and pay your expenses including land, water and insurance premiums so that it’s an easier process and less responsibility for you.

We have current knowledge on all relevant legislation on tenancies and titles. If you have any queries regarding these matters, don't hesitate to contact us.

We organise the collection of the tenant bond. The refund of the bond depends on the condition of the property at the end of the lease, compared to the condition at the beginning of the lease. The whole bond or a proportion of it can be taken if there is any damage or if there are repairs necessary.

Rent Reviews
Under a tenancy agreement, all properties can be subject to a rent review every 180 days. We ensure that any change in rental price is fair and comparable to other properties in the same area. However this is left to the discretion of you, the property owner.

Other Housing Matters
If you are preparing to sell your house, require homeowners insurance or are looking to organise a mortgage, you can contact one of our staff members who can assist you with one of these matters.

Our overdue rent policy

We have 0% tolerance on rent arrears. If we haven’t received rent within 3 days we will contact the tenant by means of a site visit by one of our own staff. From this point we will discuss with the property owner how they would like us to proceed. If the problem escalates, we will send out a 14 day notice in request for payment. Following this, if the notice is not fulfilled or we receive no response, we will carry out an application for the Tenancy Tribunal.

We do our best to minimise the loss for our clients as well as keeping them informed at all times.

Selling your property

If you intend to sell your property please let us know well in advance. This is because each tenant has a different type of tenancy contract. If the tenancy is a ‘fixed term contract’, you will have to wait till the end of the tenancy to sell your house. You are then required to give your tenants at least 21 days notice before the tenancy ends to inform then that you will not continue their tenancy. However, if your tenancy is a ‘periodic tenancy contract’, then you are required to notify the tenant 60 days in advance that they need to move out of the property.