Overseas Investors

New Zealand is a beautiful country. With a current population of approximately 4.4 million, it is blessed with incredible landscapes, culture and lifestyle. Auckland, the main business hub of New Zealand, is a growing city and is also seen as one of the most liveable cities in the world. This makes it a very popular and attractive destination for overseas immigrants. New Zealand also has very low bank interest rates on mortgages, and house prices are currently booming, particularly in Auckland. There is a lot of potential to earn high capital gains off these properties. Furthermore, due to the popularity of living in Auckland, there is high rental demand, making it very appealing and profitable to own a property.

How can we help you, an overseas investor, at Enfield Property Management?

  • We can assist you from the first step of purchasing your property and follow on to the continual management of you property. We have a full package designed to help our overseas clients with streamlining the overall process.
  • We’re multilingual. We can translate documentation such as house inspection reports into Chinese, or assist with translation in any part of the purchasing process or areas of property management which you may be unsure about.
  • We are always available. We utilise both WeChat and WhatsApp so that our clients can contact us when they require without worrying about the time zone.
  • We understand our clients. Being property owners ourselves we can easily relate to our clients and the decisions that property owners need to take.