Local Investors

Having an investment property in New Zealand is a good way to secure wealth for your future. The economy in New Zealand is currently booming and coupled witha positive flow of migration into the country, it’s an excellent time to purchase an investment property.

The two main ways returns from an investment property are from rental income and capital gains. Rental income refers to your income received from tenants, deducted by expenses. Capital gains are profits earned from the sale of a property, when the sale price exceeds the purchase price.

It’s important to choose your property in relation to your investment goals. A good tip for new investors is to look at the yield of the property. A property with a high yield generally delivers a high capital gain, a good rental income and has low expenses. You can increase the property’s yield through different means, including renovation, maintenance and refinancing. It’s also important to remember that you will be purchasing the property as an investment rather than a property that you yourself will live in.

Having an investment property also allows you a lot of control over your investment. Compared to other investments, having a property requires continuous management in order to retain its value. Enfield Property Management can assist you with the management of your property, to help take away any stress and hassle with your investment. As property owners ourselves, we understand what’s best for you.

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