Free Letting Services

Often it can be very difficult to find a new tenant for your property, especially with the stress of receiving notice from your current tenant. At Enfield we offer a free letting service as we understand how important it is to find the right type of tenant for your property quickly. We can help you with:

Advertising your property

We advertise your property on our website as well as Trademe, and We also generate interest by advertising your property through our database of tenants who are searching for a property.

Very responsive to enquiries

We follow up quickly on phone calls and email enquiries of prospective tenants.

Organised and supervised viewings

Our agents can organise viewings of the property to tenants including times outside normal working hours, such as evenings and weekends.

Tenant applications

We ensure that prospective tenants carry out a detailed tenancy application, and also follow up on any details which may not suit the requirements of the property owner.

Choosing the right tenant

We create a shortlist of the applications. From here there is joint discussion with the property owner reviewing and discussing the applicants. We value the input of the property owner because at the end of the day, we want to ensure your peace of mind.

Credit and reference checking

We verify prospective tenants by carrying out a detailed credit check; the required checks through TINZ; as well as following up on employer, character and previous landlord references.

Creating the residential tenancy agreement

We can prepare this detailed agreement but if the property owner wishes to carry this out independently we can leave this to them.

Direct payment of bond and first rental payment

This is paid directly to the property owner ensuring that there is no waiting time for the funds.

A detailed but clear process

At Enfield Property Management we ensure that all details are clearly communicated with the property owner. We ensure that our process is transparent and if there are any discrepancies, we communicate these immediately.