Frequently Asked Questions

At Enfield Property Management our job is to make the job of finding a tenant easy for you. In concept the process seems easy; however often times some steps are missed when the process is carried out independently, leaving the property owner unhappy with their tenant. We do our best to find a quality tenant that you want!

This all depends on the movement of the market, the time of the year and the demand of the area where your property is located. We ensure to generate interest through your property by heavily promoting it to maximise exposure, and try to minimise the time when you don’t have a tenant.

Some property owners prefer to manage their own property independently but like to have some support when trying to find a new tenant. We can provide a free letting service, and we let you decide whether you require our property management services, or wish to do this on your own.

However if you feel you don’t have enough time, inexperienced with owning a property or with the Residential Tenancies Act, or for some other reason require some help with your property, contact us and we can help!